Strategy Building

Frequently Asked Questions

  • +How is PivotPartners™ different than other talent providers?
    PivotPartners™ is a membership-based service. Unlike other providers, PivotPartners™ does not just give you suggestions and/or recommendations to let you figure it out. We partner with you to implement all of our recommendations. Our holistic view of your business and its ever-moving targets interprets our systems solution through talent analysis, performance management, workforce development, and operations management. Our interpretations lead to thoughtful, intelligent responses, which, in turn, may lead to first defining a strategic frame, then putting that strategy in place prior to process implementation.
  • +What PivotPartners™ services would my company have access to?
    As a PivotPartners™ member, you and your employees will have access to all of our services and products, including recruitment support, performance management, talent development and training and operations support.
  • +Flexible Team Deployment
    PivotPartners™ members are assigned a Strategic Talent Coach who works directly with you. Once we have your goals firmly in mind, we will deploy an experienced team to develop extraordinary responses that separate you from your competition and firmly establish your business processes and performance.